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I share some of the same concerns as was posted earlier by another poster. I check in here infrequently because of lack of post, and although I started checking this site with some enthusiasm that soon was replaced by dismay... Read More

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    I was a entrepreneur before I was a nurse and yes it is frustrating to not have that potential outlet. Being an entrepreneur is more than just making money but being in control of your own destiny.

    Although I make a difference to my patients I feel as if my job doesn't matter.
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    I've read these posts with great interest.
    I have decided last year that I will NOT work a 12 hour shift ever again unless it's for myself. I've also decided that I WON"T be muscled out of nursing because I do not have a BSN. So, I'm taking my ADN and 20+ years of experience to start a foot care nursing business with another RN friend. It's been an interesting process of learning as-we-go....but NOT overly daunting or horribly expensive to get started if you share the costs. We'll begin advertising in December with the hopes of enrolling our first clients January.
    I'll let you know how it goes if you ae interested. Who knows, maybe it can morph into other things as well.
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    I am getting my ducks in a row financially to leave nursing and pursue more holistic healing endeavors. Can't keep working 80 hours weekly in home care while getting paid for 40 hours. While I was thinking about other avenues to pursue, I kept coming up against Scope of Practice issues and fear and loathing r/t Massachusetts Board of Reg for Nursing. So now I have decided not to pursue MSN, have begun taking courses/classes in Reiki, Healing Touch, etc. Even if I don't make lots of money, it won't be hard to match what I currently make, which boils down to $13 per hour because so much of my work is not reimbursed.
    Any other nurses going in this directions?
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    Good for you!
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    Its encouraging to see other nurses becoming self employed. I received the "involuntarily termination" notice last Thursday. Central Office has been chopping piece by piece death of the office for 3 yrs., as of Feb 10, there will be only 2 nurses employed by this company. It wont last long.
    I've my HTI-PA, working on becoming certified ASAP. I've witnessed other nurses leaving the headaches of too many patients, not enough staff, insulting pay to grow as healers. I intend to be one of those.
    The healthcare is not care, its systematic deathcare. I wont be a part of it any longer
    Good luck on your new path. Perhaps we'll cross trails at the Denver HT Conference.
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    The last few months I've been building the small business I had on the back burner while I became a nurse. It's not nursing related but I've gotten it to the point again where I don't have to worry how many hours I'm going to get in a week. I have long term nursing plans but need money to afford tuition.
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