Nurses who specialize in footcare

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    Anybody do this? I'm starting a course next week to learn how. Any footcare entrepreneurs out there?

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    No I haven't thought about this, but good for you!!!

    I personally couldn't do it!!! Have a thing about feet...kinda like eyes, just gives me the creeps!!!
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    Feet are fine, it's teeth that I can't deal with. Ick.
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    I can't think of her name, maybe Audrey, but there is a poster who logs on here who does footcare. She posts on the Nursing Entrepeneur site too!

    Good luck - I don't like feet either!
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    There is definetly a need for it. I've seen so many elderly people
    with skanky feet! I'd be interested in knowing how the class goes, does it certify you? Also, how much is charged for the foot care?
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    I have seen podiatrists and NPs who specialize in podiatry work in several clinical settings, but never with their own RN assisting, so don't know about future employment opportunities after a program such as you report. You might want to look into this before you invest much time or money, if employment is your goal.
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    Specialize in nurses' feet! God knows we need all the help we can get in that area!
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    Anyway, in my neck of the woods, certified foot nurses can set up shop and do uncomplicated to semi complicated foot care. The course I am taking will certify me to do this. It is separate from podiatry because we can't do nail surgery and fit for orthotics and things like that, but can do things like reduce callouses with a dremel file and cut big thick toenails.

    Interesting that this is not more common elsewhere. I've seen podiatrists who (even with all their expertise) really butcher toenails.
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    Where did you find this course? I am very interested!
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    Well I am taking it through Red River College in Winnipeg.

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