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Hello all, I've posted along this topic before, but nothing so specific. I know there are numerous entrepreneurial ideas out there for nurses....I'm just wondering if anyone has made either a part... Read More

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    I wrote a short ebook and published it on Amazon Kindle, the sales have not been all that good though, so need to work on my marketing. Not sure where to turn for that though. I created a FB page for it and written a couple of articles for LinkIn but like I said, beyond that, I am struggling. Thing is writing interests me, marketing? Not so much.
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    Create a blog site where nurses write all the content! With different categories for all nursing specialities! Oh wait, that idea has already been taken... Sorry I couldn't resist...
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    I've published a book on how to start a nursing business and I'm currently working on a second.
    In addition, I write blogs and articles for a nursing magazine. It doesn't replace my income, but it sure is nice to have supplemental income from it.
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