How to become a certified nurse life care planner

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    Does anyone know the exact process of how to become certified in this specialty? Or connect me to the link for this forum where its discussed? Im very interested in this topic and any help is much appreciated!
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    What is that?
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    Google is a wonderful thing.

    Here is your link:
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    Ok I went to that link and briefly read it. I wasn't sure if there was like some kind of special training or a schooling you had to go through first. Since if I read it correctly it looks like you have to work as one first for a couple years then get certified....
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    That's usually the way it works. Work in the field first, then get certified.
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    My understanding is that Nurses that work to assist patients and their families with long-term life planning work in various settings such as long-term care, assisted living, acute care, referral agencies, and insurance companies. Thus, the closest nursing forum with this specialty is Case Management because it is what we do too:
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    Is this certification legitimate?

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