Working 2 jobs both ER RN, crazy or do-able ?

  1. 0 I work at a fast paced ER stirring to a Trauma 1 center, full-time, mid-shift and for the county. I like our team I just don't like the pay, the cost of out pocket health benefits and lack of staffing. So, I went interviewed for a private facility, ER (basic), better pay and excellent benefits! night shift. I kinda of want to go per diem at the county but I'm scared the manager will get up set that I'm leaving because we have loss like 5 RN's in the past month, and will say I can't go per diem. I actually don't want to miss out working in a trauma 1 center, and I do like the fast pace. I also just started the ER about month ago but has worked in the hospital for almost 2 years. Do you think working 2 jobs as ER RN worth it and do able! I don't want to resign all the way at the county, but I have to think about the benefits of leaving. Help this hard!!!
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    I currently work at a Level 1 Trauma hospital and a lot of my coworkers work in the ER at other facilities. You can look at E health insurance for medical and dental,
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    I worked full time in two different hospitals for a month and I don't think I could do it for any longer than that. But a month will give you a lot more information about where you want to be and the availability of hours.
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    Were you actually offered the other job?
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    Yes I was actually offered the job, and I accept!. I just haven't put in my notice yet
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    Perhaps when the hospital realizes that they can't keep RNs due to the lack of benefits and pay, they'll change it. Until that happens, I say you do what you need to do for yourself and your family.
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    Quote from Medic2RN
    Perhaps when the hospital realizes that they can't keep RNs due to the lack of benefits and pay, they'll change it. Until that happens, I say you do what you need to do for yourself and your family.
    That is the HOPE, that they would raise wages. I work at a facility that has a new contract coming up in June. When they were "courting" me their sales point was that," management knows we need to retain Nurses, and we cannot do that without a competitive wage."
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    It's true I would love to stay at my job but $10 more an hour and better benefits is a huge difference
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    I left a county hospital for better pay and benefits.....but I never left the facility. I dabbled and gave as much time as I could because I loved the pace and the patients...well their injuries anyhow.

    I don't think working two part time positions is possible for you will NEVER be able to get the timing right of both schedules. Your manager might not let you go per-diem but that would be shooting herself in the foot with an already short staffed unit. It does stink though that you have only been there a month...I would be unhappy as your manager but I would have top let you do what is best for you.

    My vote.....if you have vacation time (probably not because you are new maybe you aren't new to the facility)take it while you orient at the new place. A word of caution before you make any big moves remember things are not always what they seem and if the pay is that much more maybe there is a reason.....although I know county hospitals don't always pay that well.

    good luck! Let us know!
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    Do you feel like you made the right choice by leaving?
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    I did it... It was emotional for me I also asked to go on call per diem but we will see if they will let me.

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