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Id have to say my biggest pet peeve is when someone hands you a medicaid card as they pull it from their Louis Vuitton handbag with bling on their hands after having rolled up to the ER in their Mercedes Benz! After that I'd say... Read More

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    Quote from janellybelly

    <- Covered in tattoos and have been pierced several times.

    1) You are comparing three entirely different things, three entirely different sensations.
    2) You dont stop blood flow with tattoos or piercings.
    3) You don't draw tubes of blood or put anything directly into the bloodstream with tattoos or piercings.
    4) Half the time I get a nurse that pokes me at least 5 times before they get a vein, half the time they have to poke me somewhere on my hand instead after poking me several times on my arm.
    5) My guess is you dont have any tattoos or piercings.
    I have tattoos and piercings & still call BS on the grown babies that have both but whine over an IV stick or blood draw. MAN UP
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    I was sent to work in the ER at my old hospital when they were severely short. I was in triage and had a woman come in saying she thought she was pregnant and needed to find out. I looked at her and no words came out of my mouth. I took a deep breath and I repeated what she said and my first comment was do you know how to use a home pregnancy test? She said she didn't have money for that. But yet she had a Gucci purse and shoes and a real expensive looking coat. I was floored. This was my very first ER experience as a nurse and I can't believe some of the nonsense that comes to the ER.
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    Quote from SionainnRN

    Or the husband who is yelling at staff cause his wife is SOB...for three days....and on O2....and he smokes a pack a day. Sigh.

    And of course the people who are covered in piercings and tats but cry when you start an IV.

    But I did have a great Mom who's 17 yr old had been taking someone else's adderall. The ER doc said it was basically meth but the kid should be fine. The mom looked at her son and told him..."stop mething around"!! Twas the funniest thing ever.
    I LOVE patients and families with a sense of humor!
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    A huge pet peeve from this am. Mom brings in kid for cough and N/V. He gets an X-ray and flu swab. Mom gets super ****** at the very long wait (only two hours) grabs the kid and leaves. Well she ends up having to come back cause the kid has pneumonia! If you're going to go to the ER in the middle of the night, stick around long enough to get the test results!!!
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    We were packed yesterday. Packed. I'm stressing out over a seriously unsafe patient load and one of my patients, who was previously seen a couple of days ago and told to follow up for an outpatient MRI in a few weeks but decided to try to get it done by coming to the ER, decides the wait is too long and wants to sign out LWBS. Awesome and we all totally support that decision. I go to give him the sign out paperwork and he's all ticked and I apologize and tell him that we have a lot of very sick people today. He wants to whine about how his outpatient MRI is an emergency. No dude, the patient 4 beds down who was missing for several days and was found stroked out in their apartment and is trying hard to die is having an emergency. You are having an entitlement crisis.
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    From today:

    Me: "How long have you had these symptoms?" (pain in the ear, post nasal drip, body aches)
    Pt: "Since Saturday" (3 days ago)

    I leave to get a breathing tx. for the pt. Upon my return:

    Pt: "How long will this take? I have to get back to my family Christmas party."
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    Quote from janellybelly
    Rofl! Wow. Uh, I've been a patient? You know, one of the people you ridicule on the job?

    I know the difference between all four things and I'd rather sit through a 5 hour tattoo session or get a piercing than ever getting an IV or blood withdrawn. Hands down.

    Am I supposed to be a nurse in order to give an opinion on things I have physicially experienced? Smh...
    Yes I agree, if you are going to post on a ED nursing board you probably want to know what you are talking about and have some experience, just to appear a little more credible. (nothing personal)
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    N/m .....
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    Look, you came to see US. Whether it was for SOB or CP or Abd Pain of *** ever, you came HERE. With all your fellow compatriots with the same complaints. So if you come marching up to my desk, giving me the stink-eye and the rage face because I "won't" (can't) d/c you because the doc has not yet seen your test results/your fluids aren't done/we aren't sure you won't drop dead on us once you depart, DON'T EFFING YELL AT ME ABOUT HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN HERE/YOU ARE MISSING WORK/WHATEVER ELSE IS HAPPENING IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD. You chose to come here. We will do everything in our power to treat you. We don't care how long it takes to get valid results and interpretations. If you are seriously concerned about your health YOU SHOULDN'T CARE EITHER. Don't yell at me about how long you have been here. This is not the effing Minute Clinic, though we do put their address on all our d/c paperwork. If you want a quick in-n-out go see them. Otherwise sit tight and quit effing bothering me, as our facilitator has just put a pediatric basilar skull fracture in an intermediate room.

    No love at all,
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    KnitWitch- I LOVE IT!! Don't you wish that you could tell unreasonable people that? And even Minute Clinics get irate people. I brought my son to a Minute Clinic after him waking up on a Sunday morning with a bad case of pink eye. One Nurse Practitioner and 4 patients showed up right after we did. I guess that they thought "Minute" Clinic meant they could be seen in only a minute. Nevermind that they have had symptoms for 2 weeks and waited until Sunday to be seen. I just shook my head in disbelief as 2 of them started banging on the NP's door to hurry the process. At least they stayed away from my son with the festering eyes and I.

    All too often, I see that patients or people in general have an entitled attitude toward any service that they are being provided. They feel entitled to be served first, no matter that the guy that came in after them is circling the drain, or the kid in the next bed can't breathe due to an asthma attack. It would be sad to be so close minded that one can't see that there will always be others that have it worse. Thankfully, nurses are there to keep the entitled from monopolizing available resources. (No matter how much of an earful they get)
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