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What's in your pocket - ER Style - page 4

I know there are some older threads similar to this but I figured a fresh one with an ED focus might not be a bad idea. Stethoscope - Goes without saying...but for sack of being through. I... Read More

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    -Gum or mentos
    -Two pens
    -My keys( no matter how bad my shift is, my keys remind me that I'll go home eventually)
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    Trauma shears and Clamp
    Pen torch
    marker for board and surgical marking
    Several Pens
    Tape + SWABS
    Iphone and Little cash
    Always have a tray with IV start and blood taking kit set up.
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    2 pens
    pen light
    And at the beginning of my shift I always load up on alcohol swabs and flushes!
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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    Trauma shears, steth (around neck), blue pens, a highlighter (to highlight completed orders), alcohol preps, 2x2s, tape... and my patrol cap in case I need to go outside quickly. My patrol cap is one fashion accessory we Army folks are not supposed to be missing while outdoors.
    Now I have to amend mine, due to my location: trauma shears, IV start kit, sharpie to write patient number on patient's legs (if they have any), tourniquet, alcohol preps, 2x2s, tape, and my 9mm pistol. We don't wear patrol caps on our compound, so that's one less thing! lol
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    Pixie -
    I love seeing your perspective, Every time I read your posts it seems like I get an eye opened into a world I fortunately will never have to see. Thanks for your service!
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    [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]front pocket: two pens, one permanent marker, highlighter, dry erase marker, ID.

    Cargo pants pocket 1: IV drip & ACLS Rx drip cheat sheet, two-four flushes and IV hub adaptors

    Cargo pants pocket 2: [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Stethoscope, i don't wear my steth around my neck because it become a choking hazard with combative and confused patients.
    [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]
    Pants Pocket: work phone.

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    Quote from zmansc
    Pixie -
    I love seeing your perspective, Every time I read your posts it seems like I get an eye opened into a world I fortunately will never have to see. Thanks for your service!
    Thanks, it's a privilege. I know many ER nurses stateside who envy me for getting to carry the 9mm at work! lol
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    I always find I have at least 2 syringes, a bunch of alcohol swabs, and some kind of leftover benadryl or tylenol I forgot to return! Haha!
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    Depending on what scrubs I'm wearing, the location tends to vary a bit. But... in my left top pocket I have my phone, gum, and carmex. Top right pocket is a couple pens, dry erase marker, & a sharpie. My trauma shears go in one of the cargo pockets on my pants and then I typically have a stash of alcohol swabs in my rear pants pocket. My companion phone goes in my right pant pocket.

    I've been organizing my gear this way for 3.5 of my 4 years as a nurse and trying to switch it up at this point feels VERY weird.
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    Stethoscope around my neck.

    Pockets: pens, white board marker, alcohol swabs and a scrap piece of paper.

    I clip hemostats with 2 rolls of tape onto my scrub top and place two pairs of trauma shears in that. Everyone always asks why I carry 2 pairs of shears. It becomes very helpful in emergency situations when you have to cut the clothes off a patient and someone else is helping you... one pair is also a little more dull than the other so I use that to cut orthoglass.