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What is the thing that you hate seeing in the Emergency Room? Is it kids, traumas, lost causes, frequent flyers or........... What gives you heebeejeebies, Creeps, Chills, gags. Tears, bad taste in your mouth and Pulls your... Read More

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    Quote from glutton4punishment
    Or when they run out to the nurses station every time their loved one sniffles. AAAAAHHHHHH. That drives me CRAZIER
    Yours still run? Mine generally just hit the call sign and complain it took a while to get there.

    The other day I was sitting at the nursing desk when a MD came up to me to give me some info on what to watch out for on this freaky intox we had (something about delayed reactions) when this woman comes marching up to the desk and intterrupts in a very unfriendly tone "uhm you where is my sister can you tell me?!". I have to add in order to reach the nursing desk you have to speak to someone already because our ER is locked down.
    So I answer her "no I will not, and you may take a step back, not listen in on this conversation, practice some patience and politeness and I will be with you when I have time. I'm in the middle of something here". I've never seen someone turn as many shades of red and purple as this woman... I just can't stand people interrupting me anymore when they see you're busy.

    I'm just glad that we live in a city where it is common to be very direct to people (patients included) it helps keep the stress low if you can actually tell someone they are a pain in the a**.

    The worst cases are crushed eyeballs. Maybe it's just me but there is something wrong when the goo is leaking from your eyes. I'll take the sickest kid any day over a crushed eyeball or having to assist on draining an eyeball.

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    Quote from brillohead
    I totally get what you're saying, and I agree with you about the over-dramatizers.

    But I'm one of the lucky ones who is physiologically doomed to be a "power-retcher". I have an esophageal disease that results in my lower esophageal sphincter not opening, which means that the stomach has to REALLY push to power on through the LES and up the esophagus. In the past 25+ years, I've never had a bout of vomiting that didn't result in burst blood vessels in my face and eyes. So if I'm ever in your ER and I'm gasping for breath and have tears streaming down my face, please take pity!

    Oh yeah, and bring me a garbage can -- I'll projectile right up and over the edge of a wash basin, and don't even think about a standard emesis basin. When I say I need a bigger bucket, I really mean it!!! At home I use a 16-quart stockpot, and sometimes I hit the end of that so hard that it splatters back on my face. If I were a super-hero, my super-power would be POWER-PUKING! Hey, at least I could use my super-hero cape to wipe the vomitus off my face! LOL

    We now return you to your regular programming....

    I'd be the first one putting in a line and getting you some ondansetron, you would only have to wait for me to put on an apron and some goggles if you are that bad!
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    Quote from NO50FRANNY

    I'd be the first one putting in a line and getting you some ondansetron, you would only have to wait for me to put on an apron and some goggles if you are that bad!
    Might want to go for the full haz-mat suit... when I say I'm a power-puker, I mean it! I can make the scene from The Exorcist look like child's play! Never a dull moment when I'm around! (and thanks for the Zofran!)
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    LAZY NURSES!!!!!! That is what I hate to see the most in the ER. It is sooo agrivating when you have a person on your team that does everything in their power to avoid working and taking patients and then only does the bare minimum when they do work. Or nurses who are aging and just trying to salvage a few remaining years to increase their retirement. If you no longer have the ability to work hard and keep the pace of the ER that is fine BUT CHANGE SPECIALITIES UUUUGGGhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! If you can't tell it is a frustrating day at work.
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    I work non-trauma so what I despise are

    ppl coming in just for pregnancy tests and
    children with low fevers less than 24 hours of 101 or below and never received tylenol or motrin

    oh and the lazy nurses thing is a good one too
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    Psych patients! They scare the crap outta me. I know they need help and I'm not hating on them for coming to the ER, I just don't wanna be the nurse that has to deal with them.
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    The difference in perspectives is funny. I work in a peds ED, so I hate having ADULT PATIENTS. Can't wait to get rid of them. Strokes, heart attacks, drug seeking, drunk...please go to the adult hospital if you are over 21.
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    I do not like Psych pts, especially when they are out of their meds, and decide to self medicate with PCP.

    Give me a DKA pt, a trauma pt, a medical code, a STEMI or someone stroking out, ANYTHING but a psych pt. They are just too unpredictable. And they are known to physically attack while in the manic phase.
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    I cannot stand lazy nurses either, which is why I choose to work night shift (my experience has been that night shifters tend to help each other more than the day shifters do at both hosp I work at).

    Non-compliant psych pts scare me; there's just no reasoning with them and you never know when they'll snap. It's easy to deal with them as a 1013 bc security is there but in triage it's just you, him/her, and the panic button...

    Young parents with a truly sick baby pull on my heart strings bc I've been there. Without caring, understanding, and helpful nurses, the whole thing can be a very scary experience.

    Generalized non-specific abd pain x1 day that is really a preg test in disguise at 3am just ****** me off.

    People who don't fill their $4 abx Rx but fill the more expensive Vicodin Rx get zero sympathy when their infection is not better or worse.

    People who leave AMA after a full work-up, admission orders, and report getting called, all bc they can't go outside and smoke.
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    " how long is the wait?". Do we look like a freakin' Olive Garden? People who come in seeking pain meds irritate me. Little kids and babies that are really really sick and all the mother is worried about is herself. Teenage mothers who are there with their kid and scared witless and their own mother or father are nowhere to be found. I am irritated with the teen's parents for basically hanging out to dry. I'm always extra gentle with those moms because they're basically still kids themselves. People who abuse the systemPeople who threaten to call the CEO of the hospital because their kid that threw up once an hour ago has to wait because there is a STEMI that came in CPR in progress
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