Triage complaints- the good, the bad, and the shocking. - page 34

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"I was raped by an octopus." "I have severe, severe, severe, SEVERE, SEVERE cold sores!" (five severes, I counted. And one cold sore visible.) Discuss.... Read More

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    "Please take Lortabs off my allergies cause I will need them this visit"

    Yea right.
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    one sat am about 0700, a healthy looking 20 something guy walks into the triage room. i asked him whats his emergency..he responded that after a night of partying he woke up in a bed with 3 naked girls that he has never seen before. i looked at him and almost asked him why was he in the er and not back in bed?
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    I almost* feel like Mr Cheety Pants Dr got a dose of karma.
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    Quote from CodeteamB
    I had one recently say to me after some harmless bit of patient education (imagine snarky voice) "yeah, I know that ok? I went to medical school."

    -I shall omit the myriad prejudiced reasons that I felt this was unlikely.-

    "Do you mean you went to school to be a medical assistant?"


    "I see"

    This reminds me of the ghetto "you still can work. You can still take care of your kids" Everest commercials. Wow.
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