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Why does all nurses not have Trauma listed as its own specialty? There are plenty of trauma nurses. Also missing is Trauma ICU.... Read More

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    I think the thing about Trauma is that it is a sticky thing. And Hey...I'm an Infection prevention nurse now...though I used to work in an ED and a S/T ICU.

    ED nurses have a HUGE role in trauma. Hello! Trauma rolls in the door of the Emergency Department. If things are not done properly there, there is no Trauma for the OR or ICU nurses to take care of.

    OR nurses also have a BIG role in trauma, though I would have to say they pretty much do cases regardless of the type of case.

    Trauma/Surgery ICU Nurses also have a large role in Trauma, as they see the patient through the initial recovery.

    Step Down and REHAB Nurses also have a big role in Trauma, as they are the ones that help a patient who has had major trauma recover and go on to function as well as they can after the event. Somehow I don't think we see nurses who help people recover from Trach and peg and learn to walk again at an LTAC a "trauma" nurse, but without that nurses, all the other intense work is pretty much for nothing.

    I don't think that the title is one that can be exclusive, given how many people have an actual role in getting a trauma patient back to functioning. But, I can say for certain....As an Infection Preventionist...I'm SURE I am not a trauma nurse anymore.
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    Quote from funnywoman
    Why does all nurses not have Trauma listed as its own specialty? There are plenty of trauma nurses. Also missing is Trauma ICU.
    I agree. I think that there should be a specialty for trauma nurses who are not in the ED (ie, surgery trauma nurses like myself).

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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    Yes, you have made it clear that you don't consider ER nurses trauma nurses.
    whoa I never said that. ER nurses have a huge role in trauma. An ER nurse can easily and should be and can be called ER/Trauma nurse. That is a perfect tilted to me. I am just saying a nurse in the Trauma ICU should be called a trauma nurse. There should be a trauma section for people who work in Trauma ICU or Trauma step down. I think people are mixing up what a trauma nurse is. I know the trauma patient goes to the trauma bay first which is in the ER, that is a no brainier. ER nurses do a great job before the patient goes elsewhere. Working as a trauma nurse does not mean you deal with a fresh trauma per se. The management of the patient back to functioning occurs in places like trauma step downs. Those are trauma nurses too.

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