omg! Bad day! Failed my AcLS recert....

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    So my certification was exp in Nov 2012. I was late to get my recertification b/c I was on maternity leave. So after being up for more than 24hrs and having my dtg in the hopsital I decided that I would try to block all my issue and go to class. After all this was nothing new to me. Wrong! I started out fine. During my mega code my instructor pointed out that she could tell I was nervous. Told me to take my own pulse and breathe. It was over from there. End result... I failed. So on top of ot all. I just transferred to the ED from a CCU. I went and paid for my ACLS recert and got it before I even was scheduled back to work. I emailed her and told her my situation, not trying to make excuses. She told me that for know until I should be independently transfering or caring for pts with cardiac issues. Ugh!! I'm not even off orientation and feel like I def didn't portray a good impression to my mgr. I feel so stupid and am feel like she may think she made a bad choice in hiring me. Worry she may think now I am not cut out for the ED. I know I have a lot to learn and "was" confident that I would do well. But my confidence has been shot.... I am always tough on myself when I fail!! I even worry I may lose my job. Am I being to hard or is that a possibility! ! What now !!!

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    I've never heard of anyone failing acls. Usually the instructor will give you some remediation and give you another opportunity to pass. Kinda unfair.
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    Quote from Jeanette73
    I've never heard of anyone failing acls. Usually the instructor will give you some remediation and give you another opportunity to pass. Kinda unfair.
    I don't see how failing someone that did not meet passing standards is "unfair". By passing someone that has not met the minimum requirements is not only doing a disservice to the person taking the course, but also the patients that person will be caring for.

    OP: I don't think you will lose your job, but you do need to get that recert before you come off orientation or it is going to cause a real headache for your co-workers to juggle patients and assignments to accommodate who you can care for.
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    They didn't give you a second chance? My first time the instructor told us almost everyone (her included) needs their second mega code to pass. Maybe they are harder in recerts, regardless, that sucks.
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    With a recert there is no remediation. I did get my recert a couple days after. Paid for it and had it before I even went back to work. Just feel "stupid" and lost my confidence. And more concerned that my new manager may look down on me not a good impression
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    Also now worried about all the other certifications I need. PALS, ENPC...
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    I don't think your failing has as much to do with your not knowing ACLS protocols as it does your lack of sleep. I can not imagine being up for 24hrs and then trying to do a mock code. Of course you were nervous, you were exhausted. Tell your manager that you were pushing yourself too hard and that you will study for the next time you take it, which will be on a good night's sleep.
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    Thank you Christine... I believe lack of sleep, stress, worry of my lil one in the hospital and nerves has a lot do to with it. Because I did pay to re-take it 3 days later and passed. But now regardless, I feel like my mgr may think I'm an idiot for not passing and her first impression of me is "failing something I should know, especially working on an ED....
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    Study guide by IU Health. Very well put together. Hopefully it will help.
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    Aww..OP don't be so hard on yourself! You had a lot going on at the time and I just impressed that you went to the recert at all. I would have rescheduled. Good luck in the ED!

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