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Just wanted some advice....recently had a resp arrest come thru the doors....we did all the stuff (intubation, ekg, ivs, meds, blood work, foley, NG) was early that morning and there were two... Read More

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    So I may sound stupid.... but I usually have trouble placing OG tubes, it almosy always coils in the mouth for me. I can get an NG no problem. Is there some secret technique? I seem to have better luck if I can manipulate the angle of the head, sometimes I just cradle the head with my hand and place the OG/NG with my right hand.

    Any tricks to placing an OG that I don't know? I usually use a 14F for NG and a 16/18F for OG, depending on pt size and mechanism of injury.
    Put the tip in some ice water for a minute, it will become more stiff and less likely to coil.
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    Something to also remember is the cuff on an ETT does not keep things out. The cuff is only inflated to a minimal leak or just enough of a seal to help with ventilation. It also does not prevent aspiration. Many cuffs have been damaged by NG or OG placement and have required an ETT replacement. Also, as part of VAP recommendations per the CDC, OG is preferred to NG.
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    per Altra:
    ...good luck getting past the cuff if everything is correct, and an OG is much less risky re: infection than an NG
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    Is the coordinator a critical care trained nurse? Has she ever placed a NGT on an intubated fresh code with vomit in their lungs? What is wrong with everyone these days? This Calling in to offices and raking people over the coals.....this blame game baffles me.
    Right?!?!? Thank you!