Maintaining EMT-B cert as an RN

  1. I got my EMT-B certification last summer and just finished my RN license this summer. My question is how do I maintain my EMT-B cert without working as an EMT? I work in the hospital on a Surgical-Tele floor. I'm not quite sure how it all works in the state of florida and it's been kinda hard finding any information about it. Do my RN CEUs apply to the EMT as well? Or is there a website that can explain all this too me? I feel pretty stupid about all this, and am still trying to figure out how to even maintain my RN license :-) Also, have any of you used your EMT or Paramedic cert with you RN in a way other than being a flight nurse? I'm looking at options down the road of either going back to school or getting more certs to work in different areas. :heartbeat
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  3. by   adoglover
    Hi, in my EMT-B course, there is an LPN in the class who is an EMT-B, but works only as a nurse, he sits in the class and observe for con ed hours....perhaps this could work for you, good luck.
    TO add: he also perform kind of like a preceptor to the students...he guides us on doing patient vitals signs and how to use the stethoscopes. He aids the students who are having a difficult time using the blood pressure cuff and little things of that sort.
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  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I was always affiliated with a fire & rescue service to renew my EMT-P/NREMT-P (I became a paramedic five years before I became an RN). If your EMT-B certification is through the state of Florida, I'd start by checking the requirements with the state EMS office.

    I was able to double-dip -- I got CEUs that counted both toward nursing and EMS (although Virginia requires no CEUs for RNs, but the Army does, as does maintaining my CEN and CPEN certs).
  5. by   FlyingScot
    Usually it's just CEU's to renew your state license. Unfortunately I could not renew my NREMT-B because I am not employed as an EMT or in any capacity at this time that counts toward it even though I am a ski patroller in the winter. Kind of stinks if you ask me.
  6. by   danh3190
    I work one or two part-time casual shifts each week on my local ambulance to keep my paramedic skills up. Entirely different from being a nurse even if some of the particular skills are the same.
  7. by   edogs334
    If you want the specific requirements for Florida, the NREMT website usually has links to individual state EMS offices. Once you get to Florida's website you can either see if they have a specific policy or regulation listed, or you could always call their office and ask them directly.

    Whether or not you can maintain your certification without affiliating (with an ambulance service or FD) really varies by state. Some states require affiliation and others don't.
  8. by   MursingMedic
    I have been told by my last agency's education officer that Florida BEMS allows CEUs to be used for their certifications if obtained for another type of license as long as they fulfill the hour limit. If you use CE broker, then all those hours on your transcript would be utilized if for some strange reason the state wants to audit you.

    Just an FYI, the State of Florida Bureau of EMS does NOT require you to send in proof of CEUs for EMT or Paramedic. All you have to do is pay your renewal online or submit your renewal card in the mail with the applicable fees and in 1-2 weeks your new card will arrive. If they have an inkling or you are one of the rare few that gets randomly selected only then will they audit you and request you send in proof of education hours. In that situation your CE broker transcript will suffice.