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I actually work on a burn unit but put this here because it seems like the most relevant forum that actually gets the occasional traffic. I was told on Friday by my nurse educator that I would be taking TNCC this Monday. (She... Read More

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    I am taking TNCC on monday and tuesday and completely freaking out, as i am not a good book reader comprehender. Oh and by the way that name is bad ass as I am a hard core phish head
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    again, I am not asking for the test, I know there are legal legit study guides that people have used and that works better for me was just hoping someone can show me how to get one.

    oh and my test got pushed back because of budget, yeah!!!!
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    hey badphish,
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    hey badphish, I would love to get my hands on the practice test and study guides if you still have them! Thank you. My email is Thank you!

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