Is ER experience wanted ANYWHERE?! Is ER experience wanted ANYWHERE?! | allnurses

Is ER experience wanted ANYWHERE?!

  1. 0 I am currently planning a move from Atlanta, GA to Chicago,IL and subsequently looking for a new job. By the time I get to Chi, I will have approx 3 yrs ER experience. I'm getting frustrated because (it seems) most jobs prefer ICU, Tele, Med-surg experience if you don't have actual experience in that particular specialty. Ideally, I'd like to be in Cath Lab or Cardiac Step Down but I've been rejected from the Cath Lab positions. Still waiting to hear about the Cardiac Stepdown. Has anyone else encountered this problem when moving from ER? oop:
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    Had no problem going ED to ICU, I just did not like ICU. Critical, but boring.....

    Had no problem returning to the ED either. Just keep phoning in, speak to the ED manager.
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    I haven't applied to any ICU positions. Usually they say "previous ICU exp required". And just a thought..Why phone in to the ER Manager?
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    My dear friend: whenever changed jobs or specialties always "get" the job closest to what you were doing and are good at. Then, once you are established, begin networking inside the organization to meet/greet/spend down time in those other units that you'd like to work in. With established internal seniority and a personal connection to the workers and/or manager, they would surely interview you when you apply. Some just are not wiling to take chances on people they don't know, are new to the organization, and have not been proven to be a success in the organization.

    Best of luck.
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    Can come work in MT with me, I NEED 3 ER RN's now and a Critical Care one wants to re-locate to a smaller Hospital but OUR place IS GREAT!!!!
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    Aww thanks! in Montana?
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    Sigh I know the feeling. I tried for a cath lab position after a year and a half in ED, they told me they were looking for someone with cath experience.
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    doesnt ER count as ICU experience? after all we take care of ICU holds for days in the ED sometimes, right?
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    @All4Nursing, I know! And exactly how do they expect you to get that experience? @GleeGlum, all ER's aren't created equal. At least that's what Ive been told...