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Hypoglycemic nicknames

  1. 0 We've been having a lot of hypoglycemic patients being brought to us by the EMS, I was thinking of giving them nicknames whenever we try to report to other nurses what's coming from the EMS. Maybe "Bitter Blood"? "Splenda"? Any other suggestions?
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    How 'bout "we have a hypoglycemic patient en route to room xxx". Why would you need a nickname?
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    Quote from Career Changes
    How 'bout "we have a hypoglycemic patient en route to room xxx". Why would you need a nickname?
    Ya that's what I say. I would be irate if I came in and heard 'got Splenda bed 4' and it was me or my family
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    That just seems extremely unprofessional to do something like that. Stop and think how you would feel if you were in the same position? I acquired a nickname that spread from neurosurgery> rads>ED but I was well known so I didn't mind
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    What Career Changes said.
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    If you have to ask on a nursing forum to come up with "spontaneously funny nicknames" then you might want to reconsider the whole idea.
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    O.M.G. Really? No, this must be a prank.

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    Lol, where did everyone's sense of humor go? Ah, you all need to lighten up, take things less seriously.... Bitter blood is funny.. Just not in front of the patient!
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