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This could be fun what are some of the funniest names you have heard out at triage? I had a teenage mom that came in I asked what the newborns name was, she smiled and state "Sparkles". I kept a straight face and thought to... Read More

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    I live in downstate IL and we have Orange Jello pronounced Orangelo, Yellow Jello pronounced Yelangelo and those are only my top ones...oops almost forget...YourAPreciseAngle which (believe it or not) is prounced You are a precious angel - someone couldn't spell too well that day.
    The Shi thead one is pretty funny. I read that name in the recent book, Freakonomics.
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    Had an older lady in a few days ago: first name is Truelove.
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    Why, why do parents do these mean things to their children??? A couple in the neighborhood wanted to name their baby boy Odessus. Thank God their family talked them into making it his middle name. Big brother is Zephram.
    Oh well, we do live in CA.
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    Quote from nursemelani
    Why, why do parents do these mean things to their children???
    For our amusement, of course.
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    This thread is just in fun as we are all very culturally diverse. Just a relief mechanism for overtired ER nurses (at least in my case).
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    I had a girl that lived down the street from me a long time ago, and her mom and dad were HUGE SF 49 football fans at the time. Mom got pregnant, and they decided they would name the baby JOE MONTANA SMITH.....well the baby was a girl. so they named her JOANNA MONTANA SMITH and yep they called her 'jo'

    A girl i used to cheer with had daughter and named her HARLEY

    now i have a daughter that i spelled her name different than normal i admit, she is REBEKKA but that is not too weird.

    my mom and dad know a couple that have a son, and his name is (I swear) RONALD MICKEY MCDONALD.
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    I had one patient with a name that was very hard to keep a straight face on, and I made sure to pronounce perfectly: Mr. Balzac. You guessed it- Harry Balzac.
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    Quote from KatieBell
    Just Curious is Baby Boy was from the US originally. It's a really common name in Liberia.
    Along with the names which are (I think most are nice) Blessing, Comfort, Remember, Mamagirl, BigBoy, and a lovely tribal name that doesn't translate well- Fat-U (Pronounced Fahtu. )

    I come from a big family and my mom thought about naming my last sister Remember Patience. Our local newspaper lists all the siblings with the birth announcements and she thought it would be funny for that to be the last of 10 names! lol

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    i named my goldfish after celebrity babies. Had great fun researching them - i have Apple (Gwenyth Paltrow + Chris Martain), Poet (Soliel Moon Fry (aka Punky Brewster), as if her own name isn't bad enough), Dweezil and Moon Unit (Frank Zappa), and my favourite, Speck Wildhorse (John Mellencamp). Wanted to have a Reignbeau (i forget whose child this one is), and a Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson), but tank size did not permit.

    i was thinking today actually, you know how some people call their babies after the place they were concieved, like Dallas, Paris, Brooklyn...? Well, do you think in Asia there's a whole heap of babies called Ho Chi Minh, Nagasaki, Tokyo, etc?
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    I work with animals. If you think that people give their children weird names, look through the files at a vet hospital. We have a horse named "Peckerhead", a dog named "Budlight", several cats named "Freeway", "Highway", with couple of "No-way's" in the bunch, a snake named "Penis", another dog named "Sex" and this right along with pets named "Tasha", "Cody", "Kodi", "Codee", "Codi" (there are many ways to spell Cody and of course the owner expects you to know how to spell the particular Cody). Then there are all the interesting ways to spell Cheyenne, Dakota, Tilly, Millie, and of course Cat. Pets named, "Sweetums", "Baby", "Sweetie", or "Sugar" usually require a muzzle because they have a tendency to bite. Meanwhile those that are named "Killer", "Macho", "Harley", or "Meanie" are great to work with. We don't see any "Fido"s but we see quite a few "Pheido"s. I wonder about pet owners sometimes. Is it "Lassie" or "Lassy"?


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