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    Do any of you mind sharing how much your base pay per hour is? I just got a new job, and I feel that my rate is less than I should be making in Pennsylvania. I mentioned my two years experience to the recruiter and she said that I would be making $1 more an hour for evenings and also for taking charge. She also said that I would be getting annual raises, so my rate should go up soon. What do you all make in your state?

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    In Md after 1 yr. of Tele and 4 years in the ED my base pay is $24.20. When I run charge I get an extra $1 more per hour.
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    We you mentioned PA in your post but your nic says your in FL well known on this board as being prob the lowest paying state in the country.

    I am working in FL as a travel nurse, while not making what I could elsewhere you have to take in to account there is no state income tax, the company pays for an apartment, and there is a bonus at completion of the assignment. I can't go into details however.

    Most hopitals have a base rate and go up based on expernce, The diff for nights in my expereince varies wildly form it its ranged from as little as 0.75 to as much as 5.00. A few- none I have worked at pay extra maybe a 1.00 hr for certifications. Being a new nurse as you are your prob going to be towards the bottom and go up from there. It does seem that the raises I have seen recently are bigger than the have been as we have choices where we work and can go elsewhere at anytime we chose.

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    My base is $31.00...w/ shift diff...I'm getting about $34.00 working 11a-11p
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    You want to make good money in nursing come to California! Our hospital starts new grads at 35.00+ an hour. Shift differential is 3.53 for pm shift and over 6 for night shift. Seasoned nurses working per diem make 50.00+ hourly. The union for RNs in most of the hospitals here is CNA and the contract gives double the base rate for 3rd weekend worked so for a new grad working 3rd weekend thats 70/hr for the 16 hour weekend worked. Most nurses here have a 6 figure income. I started nursing in Arkansas where the pay when I left 4 years ago was a measly 14-15 dollars an hour. I Came to California as a travel nurse and decided to stay! Housing is spendy here (3 times more than anywhere else) but the income more than makes up for it.
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    I work in a small rural hospital in Louisiana. Starting pay is about $18 per hour plus shift diff, $3.50 evenings and $4. nights. If you work ICU,ER or supervise, you get a whopping $1.30 more. I, too, started out in Arkansas and made $12 an hour plus diff.
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    $29 per hour pool. no benefits, no sick time, no vacation, nada. get $2/hr. shift diff for 3p-11p. $1/hr xtra for charge. (which, technically, I am not supposed to do since I am "only pool"..........for the last 11 years.)
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    Oklahoma City, base rate 15.50 plus 3% per year experience and a very low cost of living. The usual shift difs.
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    Central Ill - $17.50/hr new grad
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    I started out at 22.50 with 1.50 shift diff for midnights and an additional buck or so when working on weekends. . .

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