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Rio is a ASN, RN and specializes in HEMS 6 years.

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  1. Where are the jobs at?

    mia culpa- deep breath taken- I understand what you're asking now.
  2. Female Flight Nurses I need Help!

    But we like it when your hair gets blown around.... So how did the RA go ???
  3. Flight Nurse Book Called Trauma Junkie

    Very well written. So many of the stories and situations I can relate to...
  4. Tx flight nurse pay question

    A private for-profit HEMS agency... expect 25% less than you would make in a hospital. But you may be the exception. Good luck!
  5. Any advice for a flight nursing interview?

    Sorry I'm a little late for the dance. If you get this before your interview I hope it is helpful. Be yourself- having no trauma experience is NOT a deal breaker. Nothing is more revealing than a candidate that has all the answers, all the credentia...
  6. Quick question

    Trust Mostly we're all coming from the same place, we want whats best for our patient. If there is a disagreement try looking to the other view. Communication Talk with one another, keep the comm lines open, don't get tunnel vision (hearing). Plannin...
  7. CCT (Ground) Motion Sickness and Other Questions

    Do you get sick no matter the position in the vehicle? ie, facing forward, sitting on the bench sideways or in the aft facing seat? Getting motion sick should not impede hiring unless it is to the degree you can not perform your job. Background chec...
  8. A Lot of Flight Nursing Jobs

    Ok... so you are "not afraid of a hard work"... then you should have no trouble finding the paragraphs of step by step instructions on how to research, apply and even conduct the interview process in air medical transport that others, and myself have...
  9. Another question

    The program in Hartford Conn. fly a RN and RT pairing. I think* both need to be EMT's. One may* have to be a Paramedic. If you're already a RT I would go the RN route because of the increased job opportunities and pay. In many programs RNs earn mor...
  10. The Beginning to an End

    ahhh... the memories:grpwlcm: right out of school, I landed a fulltime job on the evening shift in med-surg:up: but first I had to orient on day shift :bowingpur I'm not sure why but tht's the way they did things... whaat a nightmare:bugeyes: my prec...
  11. Size limits

    No, you are not too big. Half our medical crew weight about 235#. We even have some pushing 275#. Most programs have a weight limit, ours is 220# with helmet and radio. Obviously our management team does not enforce this policy. Good luck chasing...
  12. This is a very interesting question. On one hand I don't believe it is there's or anyone else's business as you are paying the premiums. On the other hand if you do not disclose the insurance on the application as requested, then this may be construe...
  13. Be Safe

    Historically this is a dangerous time of year. Be diligent, be safe, remember someone is waiting for you to come home.
  14. Caught in the web of a workplace romance.

    You better jump on this guy quick.. he's got one foot in the grave and the other is on a banana peel ! What are you... nucking futs ?
  15. What Can I Say?

    Ok .. don't know about your Union and the Collective Bargaining Agreement... but even in Massachusetts "oral sex with a resident" is professional misconduct. (Especially in the nursing profession) . What did the State Board have to say about this..'c...