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Hey everyone I was just curious anybody know the typical length of orientation for ER is? I have 3 years of med surg and no telemetry or Pediatrics. One nurse said 6 weeks but I should definitely... Read More

  1. by   sailornurse
    Quote from whiskeygirl
    I was given 3 days.
    I went into the Er which was only a 10 bed level 3 with one night orientation on Y2K night. That was with 25 years of solid med-surg including 8 years of tele. Be sure you specify your needs, Basic EKG class, ACLS etc & get it in writing. I was also a FNP student so I was looking for experience to complement what I was learning, (xrays/H&P's/ordeing & interpreting advanced labs/12leads etc.
    Good luck.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    You have to verbalize your needs to the educator or dept manager. I personally would never orient for only three shifts and then take on a full patient load unless I was doing agency work where that type of orientation is expected. In this litigious society, you are asking for a lawsuit.
  3. by   ImaERtraumaRN
    In our level II...

    ...experienced RNs get 6 weeks, new grads get 20 weeks or longer if they need it. The new grad orientation is based on ENA recommendations. New grads also have 5 hr weekly classes during the 20 week orientation specific to the ED. All RNs also get ACLS, TNCC, and ENPC.
  4. by   awahweotten
    At our facility new graduates and experienced RN's get the same orientation. It consists of two weeks of hospital orientation. Then one week of classroom orientation to reviews policies, charting, standing orders, and procedures. From there they hit the floor with a mentor for about five weeks. It is a long orientation for those that have some foundation of an assessment but not long enough for new graduates. I thought that our orientation was not adequate but after reading other posts I am grateful for what we offer!!!
  5. by   bjb_wyo
    I am a graduate nurse starting an ER orientation. We have 2 months in critical care orientation (ER, PACU, telemetry and ICU.) Then 4 months preceptorship in ER. I still think this sounds like not any too much!
  6. by   Jen2
    New grads get 90 days in the 30 bed level 1 where I work at. Experienced RN's get 6 weeks.