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  1. The War with the Floors

    We recently had a new policy on this. Call to give report, try again in 20 minutes and then contact the house supervisor to have her contact the floor. Sounded good, except we went for well over an hour before we could give report. We cannot use f...
  2. Cheyenne nurses?

    Hi - nice to hear a question about Cheyenne. I start in July at UMC - the $20.50 is for graduate nurses and goes to about $22.50 when you get your RN. Also they have options for relocation/recruitment bonus and education bonus for associate degree....
  3. nursing schools in Wyoming

    By impacted do you mean with lots of applicants? I only know about Central Wyoming College (I graduate this week!) but the part of the program in Jackson is very heavily selective (16 students from about 75 or more applicants.) Since Riverton takes...
  4. So how much do you owe?

    I am debt free (but poor!) after ADN/RN at local community college. My new job pays 80-90% of BSN costs so I will be taking advantage of that benefit. For your information, Wyoming has a nurse scholarship/loan program which pays based on need. The ...
  5. ER Orientation

    I am a graduate nurse starting an ER orientation. We have 2 months in critical care orientation (ER, PACU, telemetry and ICU.) Then 4 months preceptorship in ER. I still think this sounds like not any too much!
  6. Med-surg for all?

    Thanks to everyone who answered. I see that both views have validity. I think I will probably choose the hospital with the most welcoming attitude.
  7. Good luck with nursing school! I graduate in May. For overall: a calendar/organizer (I got the school year kind run from Aug to June.) Write down every class, clinical time, tests. Fill this out from your syllabus/class calendar. Then keep chang...
  8. Med-surg for all?

    I am graduating in May. I have visited 3 hospitals and will have interviews with all 3. I am getting very different stories. My local hospital where I have done my clinicals starts all graduate nurses with at least one year in Med-Surg. They say ...