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Hello, I was talking to a classmate and he said that his mom is the head er nurse and is making close to $200, 000 a year, and i was thinking no way!! Is this true, because I have never heard of a... Read More

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    If I worked 5 to 6 shifts (12 hour shifts) every week, for one year, I'd make 200k. However, Mr. & Mrs. Taxman would keep about 75 k of that.

    Some weeks if I could pick up what we call an Incentive shift, I would only have to work a single extra shift because it pays double time.

    I did work 2 jobs for over a year when I wanted to save enough for a down payment on my house, and made 110 k, but now....I value my time more than the money...mostly.
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    This is all wonderful to hear, as I landed a job in the ED...Emergency Department, not Erectile Dysfunction : ) It is nice to know that the earning potential is there if youre willing to work for it! My moms a psych nurse with over 30 yrs experience and several degrees. She is now retires, but teaches psych clinicals to the tune of $61 and hour. And she collects a great pension. She made around $100,000/yr, but that was at a state psych facility, which tend to pay less, but have better rewards in the end!
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    If she is in upper level management (which "head nurse" may or may not be, the title is meaningless in itself)in a large metro area with a high COL, it is possible.
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    I heard the Clinical Nurse IV at my hospital make about $200k per year. Its half desk work and half charge nurse in a busy and large level I trauma hospital in a large city.
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    My wife is an ED RN in the Boston area. She works 3 - 12 hour shifts a week and takes any overtime offered. We have 4 grown children who have attended and are attending college, so we have large college bills over a $100,000.00 a year. She has been a RN for 30 years and is at top pay, works nights and usually works weekend and holiday shifts. Last year she worked about 60 hours a week and made $192,000.00
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    My friend's mom is the director of the ED at a two campus hospital here and I'd have to guess that she makes around that.
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    just to clarify, there is no way a traveler is going to make that kind of money.
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    RN Jean Keller raked in $269,000 in 2010 - making more overtime than any other California state worker.
    Jean is a prison nurse. I bet her homelife is a joy!
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    my study partner was OR tech in NY Suffolk county,making around $110 K per year.She used to work so hard in 3 hospitals(willingly accept overtimes) -she was always in demand as there were not much OR techs .She looked always very tired,almost no time to sleep or spend time with family.I was amazed how she worked full time and go to school to become an RN! ( she told me even though her job pays her well,most of the times OR techs are not treated well)