1. I am trying to find a school with a ER CNS program or ER CNS/ENP/FNP blended program. Anyone have any ideas? Vanderbilt had a blended program but will no longer offer it after this fall
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  3. by   VICEDRN
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    ER CNS/NP has no certification test. Best idea IMHO is to do an ACNP and a PNP or ACPNP.
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    Quote from VICEDRN
    That was my first thought too.

    University of South Alabama also has a program for Advanced Emergency Nursing/FNP role.
  6. by   HM-RN
    I appreciate the replies. I can find many ENP/FNP programs, however I need one with an ER CNS too. I'm active duty Navy, and the Navy does not utilize ENP's because there is no certification for them. Therefore, if I want to stay in the ER, I would need an ER CNS, otherwise I'd be utilized as an FNP only which means no ER for me. The CNS will keep me in the ER till I retire and then I could do the ENP portion afterwards, hence why I'm looking for both. However I'm having a hard time finding even an ER CNS program itself. I don't want to be miserable the rest of my naval career, but so far it's looking like I got to move on w/o the degree until I retire.
    I've thought about the acute care portion but, unless I'm reading the descriptions wrong, is geared more for Critical Care/ICU. ACNP programs also lack the pediatric portion needed for the ER. Thanks all.
  7. by   traumaRN1908
    HM-RN, I an in the same same situation for your ground pounding sister service. The best advice that I have from others who are currently in the ER CNS role is to get the certifications for ER Nursing (CEN, CPEN, CCRN) and any Navy specialty identifier, and then get the acute care CNS. The position is then managed by the detainers or branch manager. Let me know what you find out, but I have not found a program either that offers this.