Emergency Room Skills

  1. Fellow ER Nurse

    As you know it takes a special nurse to
    effectively work in the ER.

    There are several skills that are essential in this field.
    I would love to here what is your skill that sets you

    What is the one thing that helps you do your job in the ER?

    Problem solving
    multi tasking
    What is your skill that makes you proud to be an ER NURSE?

    For me I feel proud of my IV skills, whether its a baby, junkie or elderly
    patient, I can say my IV skills are pretty darn good.

    Please leave your comments and share your experience.
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    Turn on a dime and reprioritize my previously reprioritized priorities.
  4. by   KnitWitch
    As long as a patient is in possession of at least some of their mental faculties (e.g. not post-ictal, in the throes of a mental health crisis or suffering from dementia) I can make peace and negotiate with just about anyone. ******-off narc seekers in withdrawal, people experiencing their first kidney stone, chest pain patients who have spent 3 hours in the waiting room before being roomed, you name it, I can keep them calm-ish until dispo.
  5. by   RN-CEN TS
    Ability to stay calm and maintain focus on the priority at hand during high acuity patient care (GSW to chest requiring emergent thoracotomy and around blood product infusion in ED was the most recent intense case last week) as well as ability to recognize disease processes from minor complaints to critical complaints in a timely and effective manner to discern who needs care now versus those who can safely wait. These skills are critical for all effective ED nurses. I believe that is what sets our specialty apart from others.
  6. by   floridaRN38
    My sense of humor even in intense situations

    Able to prioritize and get the job done quickly and accurately

    Im also proud I can stay calm in all the craziness
  7. by   thelema13
  8. by   ChristineN
    My nonjudgmental attitude and matter a fact manner seems to be good at getting pts to open up to me. I have pts tell me things that they did not tell other nurses or even the Dr, including recent IV drug use, STD hx, abuse, alcohol use, etc.
  9. by   Nursepreneur
    Ahh, the art of negotiation...NICE!
  10. by   Nursepreneur
    Staying calm and portraying your calmness is definitely a skill....eventhough in the inside you might be saying HOLY....COW!!
  11. by   Nursepreneur
    You know aside from fire fighters OUR sense of humor is definitely something special.
    I take my sense of humor to other places and I either offend, insult, or gross out other people...
    I come back to the ER and I fit right in....
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  12. by   Nursepreneur
    Patient trust and confidentiality seems to be your strenght,...that is an excellent attribute!
  13. by   floridaRN38
    I agree. Nobody outside the ER understands our sense of humor. They think I'm weird and crazy!! Hahhaa
  14. by   emtb2rn
    My friends in law enforcement & EMS get our humor.