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Congrats to Gonzo1

  1. 0 Gonzo1 has just accomplished a wonderful feat for ER Nurses...

    She has passed, on first try, the Parkland series of testing (including the dreaded challenge exam) and will soon begin a contract for many weeks of hard core Parkland ED nursing.

    Now, for those of you that are not familiar with Parkland's ER and it's infamous knife and gun club, all I can say is that once Gonzo finishes there, she will become one big, bad ER nurse who truly deserves your encouragement and congratulations for accomplishing what many seasoned ER nurses have not (re: the testing).

    Way to go Gonzo :clphnds::clphnds:
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    Fantastic! Congrats.
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    Hey Loricatus, what a treat to log on and see the huge pat on the back for me. Thanks for being there for me all the time.
    I am really looking forward to learning all that Parkland has to teach me.
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    I'm sorry, Parkland...where?
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    Hey! We talking Parkland in Dallas?
    When I move home I was gonna put in an application there... is there a big bad exam I should know of?
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    There is an exam for travelers. I don't know about regular staff.
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    Quote from gonzo1
    There is an exam for travelers. I don't know about regular staff.
    Hm.. haven't travelled since being an ED nurse but I wonder if thats standard for a lot of hospitals? Different from the PBDS stuff I'm assuming right?

    Parkland is an awesome hospital. Its always been my goal to work there. Gotta get this travelling fix outta my system first

    Anyway, Congrats on passing!
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    Most places require some form of testing. Parklands was pretty hard. Which is why Loricatus was so proud of me.
    The one thing about working agency and/or travel is that you get tested on a regular basis which is both nerve wracking, but also a great way to stay sharp because I always review and study up a storm before I test.
    I got lucky this time and just happened to study all the right stuff.
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    Is there a certain resource you study for the tests? I have a "Emergency Nursing Procedures" book, plus the CEN Review Manual that I refer to when looking up things...

    Just wondering out of curiosity

    I imagine its like back when trying to study for the NCLEX, theres SO much freakin information you gotta just hope you're studying the right thing. Know your basics well plus certain key concepts...