Christmas Songs For The Psychiatrically Challenged - page 4

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Thought you may get a kick out of these.... Schizophrenia Do you hear what I hear? Multiple Personality Disorder We three kings disoriented are Amnesia I dont know if Ill be home for Christmas Narcissistic... Read More

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    Quote from np_wannabe
    Ummm....I have to say, I don't really see a whole lot of humor in this...these folks are ill and sometimes have a very poor quality of life because of seems like you are making fun of them.

    no, I am not "getting a kick" out of this.
    Actually the first time I saw these was in nursing school. My psych professor passed them out. I have relatives in some of those categories, and some days I think I probably could be on the list as well. I thought it was hilarious! Would I go caroling them at a psych unit? Heck no.
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    Thanks for sending - I think these are great, and I have a lot of mental health issues in my family, and I'm very sympathetic to psych patients. In fact, I think many psych patients would get a kick out of these, just as many other posters -who have these disorders - have enjoyed them. Humor is a wonderful coping mechanism for the serious situations we deal with in health care.

    My favorite example is I had a woman who just had her leg amputed due to a vascular disease. She told me for Christmas she wanted to keep the leg, put fish net hose on it and a lamp shade - just like the famous leg lamp in the movie "A Christmas Story". We had the biggest chuckle out of that, and I thought she had a wonderful attitude toward such an emotional surgery. Examples like that make nursing worth it to me.