applied for nicu got a call for ER interview

  1. I have been around the nursing block 14 years or so, I currently work med-surg but have worked just about everywhere except ER. I worked peds about 10 years ago and thought about getting back into that. I like working with adults but also liked peds. I applied to nicu and an intermediate cardiac resp unit I worked on before. I applied 3-4 months ago, heard nothing. I got a call from a recruiter asking if I would be interested in interviewing for ER. I never thought serious about it until now. The recruiter noticed all my experience as a positive thing, finally after being brow beaten for it for years. I am going to interview because I like a challenge and it is an area I have not been in, I have been told I do well during the storm, I keep calm during codes and the like. I am just wondering if any other nurses out there went into ER especially pediatric later in your career, I am in my mid 40's.. sorry for droning on, thanks for any responses. I will interview and shadow if possible just for the experience , I am just leary of another change but that seems to be my mo.
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  3. by   lawandaluxnurse
    my main concern is do I have what it takes?
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    yep. the wide experience, the ability to see the big picture and stay calm in a storm, and the maturity to deal with patients and families will all be just what they need. the recruiter saw that. now go look in the mirror! congratulations!
  5. by   ivyleaf
    Good luck!! I envy all of your experience : )
  6. by   brainkandy87
    That's the great thing about being a nurse: if you are tired of what you're doing, you can go be a different type of nurse. In the ER, you kinda have to be every kind of nurse. Sometimes a patient requires you to be 3 or 4 nurses. But that's what's so fun about it, because every day is different. Today, at one point, I had a pt in SVT, a pt with amnesia and profound hypertension, a pt with a partial finger amputation, and a pt in septic shock on a vent (with CVC, OG tube, and so on). That's a lot of different hats to be wearing at the same time. However, even though I was very busy, I was loving my day. And that really is the key. You have to love what you do to be able to do all of that and be a good ER nurse.

    With all of your experience, I think you'll be ok. The thing I've noticed that's hardest for new ER nurses is pace. Your assessments need to be focused, your charting needs to be quick, your IV skills need to be good and constantly getting better. Soak up all the knowledge that you're constantly immersed in. Learn random things you didn't think you'd never need, like reading a CT scan or using ultrasound or etc etc. The ER can be a pretty chaotic place, but it's a place you can always learn something in.
  7. by   Larry77
    You'll probably know on your first shift if it's for you or not...just go for it and see. For those of us that have a passion for ED nursing, there is nothing like it and no other dept would measure up.

    But, it is probably one of the hardest, most physically and mentally challenging, nursing jobs around! After 7 years I still love going to work though :-)
  8. by   lawandaluxnurse
    Thanks everyone!
  9. by   lawandaluxnurse
    Didn't get the job. They said i had too many job changes, its called survival. I am fed up with all of it, nursing is not worth it. Hr does not appreciate experience!
  10. by   Novo
    They obviously are not telling you everything with all that experience there is no way they could have turned you down based on that excuse which leads me to believe they had other motives for not hiring you but I'm not going to speculate as it may anger you.
  11. by   tryingtohaveitall
    I'm sorry you didn't get the position you wanted. I'm curious, how long have you stayed at your jobs?
  12. by   lawandaluxnurse
    I worked for one system for 20years, and also at this same childrens hosp at the same time. Two job. My current job I have been in for 4 months but that is because I was called back from a layoff and was offered a med -surg halftime job, prior to that I was fulltime in the OR but was layed off for 3 months. I could understand if I had quit these jobs and came back,, but I didn't, I really had no choice in this situation. This is what makes it hard for me to accept. I have and I will, it just kind of a shocker for me, not that I am better than who got the job I don't know this person, but they called me and I do have so much experience. I had applied for a job on my old unit and nicu. SO it really shocked me when they called for an interview for ER, but I shadowed and loved it. It makes so much sense with all the varied exp I have. I will keep trying. right now all I can do is take what I can get, my med surg job is ok and the people are really nice but my chances of getting fulltime are slim to none which is why I am looking in the first place. THanks for listening, I am so glad nurses have this outlet because who would tell this stuff to and who would believe half of it unless you work in nursing .
  13. by   tryingtohaveitall
    That's a shame with your experience. I hope something much better comes along soon.
  14. by   mmutk
    The ER you were called about sounds desperate, be careful.