ACLS/BLS classes

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    Is your facility doing your BLS/ACLS using the "online" format? The one where you just show up to do your skills check off after you already did the lecture part online?

    Mark Boswell
    (And YES, I take the CEN exam every year!)
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    My former ED in Virginia did ACLS Anywhere for its employees, and the instructors on our staff would do our skills checkoffs on a scheduled basis. (However, I always take the full ACLS for my NREMT-P recert hours...)
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    I completed my ACLS last year online, no problem. I hadn't had the training in over 15 years (i let it lapse as I didn't need it). I completed the check-off and then decided to get my instructor certification (done!). I found online to be less stressful.
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    online ACLS is just fun! It's like a video game. It'll let you do anything you want.....even give epi during VT haha. I wouldn't go back to the regular course!
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    No we don't have the option to renew online. I wish we did.
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    I need to get certified. Whats the link if you don't mind for ACLS.
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    Lunah; AND you take the FULL class b/c we all know you LOOOOVE learning so much! Stay safe!
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    Yep, you can play around with it for a bit before you submit "is that your final answer"...!
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    You don't have the "option" - you mean they won't pay for it that way right? I'm sure if you spent your own money you could do it?
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    There's lots of links. What you want to look for is to make sure it's American Heart Association. They are the only one who use research/evidence based design. All others have pretty much just copied their methodology. AND a lot of employers will only take AHA courses. Good luck.

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