1. Hey there! I'm a nursing student and I am going to take an ACLS cert class at my place of employment.

    Any tips for passing the exam?
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  3. by   KBICU
    Study your cardiac rhythms! The ECG Skill Stat website is a great resource. A huge part of ACLS is rhythm interpretation and knowing the treatments. Brush up on your BLS skills because these are reviewed and are your fundamental skills. Know the drugs in ACLS (epi, amio, vasopressin, dopa, etc). Study from your book!!
  4. by   CP2013
    For my ACLS class we did rhythm review, and algorithm review, as well as understanding the medications used and why. Helped me pass with 100%.

    Be sure to review your manual, it's not just a paper weight I promise!
  5. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Study the rhythms and the algorithms well ahead of time.

    It's really not that tough.
  6. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    As other users have stated ACLS is fairly straight forward but you really need to know your rhythms and even once your certified you need to review the rhythms frequently to help keep your skills fresh. Best of luck!

  7. by   danisweetcheeks
    in my ACLS class there was a written exam as well as the hands on clinical exam... for the clinical exam, for sure the algorithms and meds/ dosaging. the written portion had some tricky questions (which i actually argued 3 i got wrong, provided my rationale, and then they marked them right...smh), most of which we didnt discuss in class but were in the pre-reading book... for me, it was tough reading the whole book before the class, but if you can it would probably help.
  8. by   EDdude
    This site helped me a lot. acls-algorithms It has practice strips, practice questions, simulated mega codes etc. I studied that more than the book and passed with no problem.