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I am aware that the AACN has issued a position statement recommending a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) to be necessary to work as a new NP as of 2015. I wonder however, does the AACN have the final authority on this, or does... Read More

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    I graduated with my DNP on Saturday Yay! I was in the first cohort of BSN-DNP students in my school, and I think in the metropolitan Detroit area (although I could be wrong, so I shouldn't even say it). From what I have seen in my area, at least in Acute Care, schools are starting to phase out the MSN programs. I know U of M, and WSU have phased out the MSN programs for acute care. The primary care programs have not, that I'm aware of. These are two big acute care programs in the area. I chose to get my DNP. It wasn't mandated. I thought for sure that the change would discourage nurses from going into the ANCP programs there. SO far, enrollment has been steady. I am not sure if the proposed change will be mandated by 2015 or not, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't be (although 2015 may not be a realistic year). Many other advanced degrees have already mandated doctorates, or are heading toward that direction. We still have ADN programs for entry level into nursing, however, I have seen quite a shift in the area, of hospitals requiring BSNs for new grads. I also know that one of the biggest ADN programs in the area is trying to switch to a BSN program, even though they are a community (Jr) college that typically only offers associate degrees.
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    Quote from manusko
    Not mandated. CRNA entry practice is mandated for 2025. NP are not yet unless something changed very recently.
    This is correct.

    As for 2015 for the NP, that is still not mandatory. Only CRNA's accept the DNP and that will be in 2025.
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    I graduated with my DNP on Saturday Yay!
    Congratulations, DNPstudent. Now you need a new user ID name.

    If you wish a new name, go to the Help Desk, request 3 changes and we'll (Admins) change for you. Link to Help Desk:

    Again, congratulations on completing the DNP!!!
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    Quote from applesxoranges
    Does anyone have more information regarding the original topic of DNP by 2015? I can't find anything on my board. I think it's like the BSN in 10 where it is recommended.
    As stated in following reply after yours, applesxoranges (#49 ), the 2015 for NP is not mandatory. IMO, I feel it will be, but what year .... who knows.

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