Is Mandatory DNP by 2015 a Done Deal? Is Mandatory DNP by 2015 a Done Deal? - pg.5 | allnurses

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Is Mandatory DNP by 2015 a Done Deal? - page 5

I am aware that the AACN has issued a position statement recommending a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) to be necessary to work as a new NP as of 2015. I wonder however, does the AACN have the... Read More

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    I graduated with my DNP on Saturday Yay!
    Congratulations, DNPstudent. Now you need a new user ID name.

    If you wish a new name, go to the Help Desk, request 3 changes and we'll (Admins) change for you. Link to Help Desk:

    Again, congratulations on completing the DNP!!!
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    Quote from applesxoranges
    Does anyone have more information regarding the original topic of DNP by 2015? I can't find anything on my board. I think it's like the BSN in 10 where it is recommended.
    As stated in following reply after yours, applesxoranges (#49 ), the 2015 for NP is not mandatory. IMO, I feel it will be, but what year .... who knows.