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DNP student here! With all the debate going on in the NP category over the viability, sensibility, training and etc... of the DNP program, doesn't it seem like time there is a DNP category, maybe under the "advanced practice"... Read More

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    canada not going with the treand for dnp @ this time:

    nursing leadership (cjnl), 22(2) 2009: 85-91
    practice doctorates in nursing: developing nursing leaders
    sonia acorn, kimberley lamarche and margaret edwards

    over the past two decades, doctor of nursing practice (dnp) degree programs have grown rapidly in the united states, australia and the united kingdom. the dnp has as its emphasis the preparation of leaders for clinical practice, health policy, administration and clinical research. dnp-prepared nurses are in a prime position to work with nurse researchers and to provide leadership in nursing in a variety of settings. dnp programs prepare nurses for the highest level of practice, while phd programs will continue to prepare nurse researchers. both phd and dnp programs are needed to advance nursing knowledge and provide leadership in healthcare.

    despite the increase in nursing practice doctorates in other countries, canada does not currently have such programs. the canadian association of schools of nursing (casn 2006a) does not support the concept of professional or practice doctorates. the position of casn is that resources for doctoral-level education in nursing are best placed in phd programs. research-intensive preparation is thought to best serve the current and future health needs of canadians by continuing to build a body of nursing and healthcare research.
    in looking towards the future of nursing in canada, villeneuve and macdonald (2006) projected nursing roles and education models to 2020. at the graduate level, they present two options that will exist concurrently. one option is the traditional academic stream, which would continue to prepare nurse scientists. this stream proposes a master of science degree, followed by phd preparation. nurses with phd preparation will continue to build a research agenda and create new knowledge....

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    I'm glad to see a thread about the DNP degree. I'm considering applying to a program - just not 100% certain it will help me. I would love to hear from those pursuing the degree and what prompted them to do so. I've had my masters for 10 years - most of my nursing career has been in administration, insurance, QA, etc (non-clinical type roles). Look forward to the discussion - hopefully it will help me decide whether or not I should pursue the degree.


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