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My company have a new policy that if you do not want to receive the flu vaccine this year by end November, then you have to wear a mask within 6 feet of all patients. So they are not saying you have to have the flu vaccine but... Read More

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    We have the same policy as you OP. Flu shot or mask. It's not new though, same thing happened last year.
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    I'm not forced to get the flu shot, but if I were to decline it I would have to sign a release.

    I don't know exactly what's behind the refusal and release--since I opted for the flu shot for my own sake, it was a non-issue--but I'll look up what my hospital is doing about the refusals and share if it's interesting.
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    At the hospital I work at the policy is similar to those above. If we don't get the flu vaccine then we need a documented medical/or other reason for it and you must wear a mask when in patient care areas. I guess I don't understand why we wouldn't be expected to get the flu shot. We take care of patients who are in the hospital for a reason and many are at a higher risk of contracting the flu (among other things). This also helps prevent the spread of the flu to your coworkers if as many get the vaccine as possible. I would get the shot whether it was required or not to protect myself, my coworkers, and my patients.
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    I had mine this morning. It's a condition of my continued employment.
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    My current employer, no. When I worked in the hospital, for years it was "strongly recommended" and you had to sign a declination form if you didn't want to take it. I declined for 4 years without an issue (although my PCP did convince me to take it one year when I was traveling to Africa- that was when I learned that I react to it) and then last year, they instituted the "flu shot or fired" policy. I took it and had the same reaction I'd had 3 years earlier... fever, severe nausea (fortunately no vomiting because with my chronic medical conditions, that could land me in the hospital), headache. I did enjoy saying (when they called me to pick up an extra shift the day after I got the shot, "No, I'm sick from the flu shot you made me get." After things at said facility became unbearable last fall/winter, I wished that I just hadn't gotten it and let myself get fired...
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    Quote from mjs2118
    YES.. At my facility, if you do not get your annual flu shot, you do not get your annual merit increase.. :/
    Increase of what, pay? I don't remember this concept. I get the flu shot every year, so I'd like a raise, please.
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    Quote from CorazonDeOro
    Last year we had the mask option, this year that is not a choice. Its flu shot or fired (unless you have a documented religious or medical reason with some long form to fill out).

    Its ridiculous.
    Do we work at the same place? No more mask this year for the ones who don't want the vaccine here.

    I do get the flu shot, but I respect that some don't.
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    Quote from erinmarie320
    At our nursing school we must have it to get into the program. If we don't get them every year while in school, we are automatically booted out, with very few exceptions. It is unfortunate for those of us who might otherwise choose not to get the flu vaccine, but such is life I guess.
    This was such a load of CRAP that we were told! I have NEVER had anything other than a minor cold, got the flu shot had a fever of 104/103 and AST/ALT levels TRIPLED without reason and a nasty rash broke out on my knuckles (read that there is a liver autoimmune issue causing these probs, cleared of that). I didn't take Tylenol for the fever (don't believe in it unless you are in pain; was just hot, achy and TIRED!) or any OTC meds. No reason for my illness. Labs up the wazoo. I blame the flu shot. Ready for more fun with work this winter since I'm assuming we will be required for L&D.
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    Might I add only half of us got the shot, other half didn't and they were fine. Allowed in clinical and everything.
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    It isn't my facility, but the state where I reside is mandating all healthcare workers that are in contact with patients/providing patient care receive the flu vaccine. I believe the mist, shot, or mask is offered. I received the mist; last time I received the shot (which was my first time) I had flu symptoms for 2 weeks...not a pretty picture.

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