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    It's interesting that he article admits that the flu vaccine is beneficial to most people.

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    Flu vaccines are only about 60% effective in preventing the flu. Most nurses chose their careers several years ago prior to hospitals implementing mass vaccination policies that result in termination if empolyees dont comply. What is worse is when the hospital overrides your personal physicians written recommendation to not receive a vaccination for a medical contraindication and tell you that they assume no risk of you having a side effect to the vaccination.
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    Those choosing not to get a vaccination are also making educated decisions, weighing risks versus benefit, and the benefits (60% efficacy) do not always outweigh the risks.
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    Except that the "risks" are fictional, other than to those with allergies or verifiable predispositions to certain side effects.
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    Quote from jlstrande
    Flu vaccines are only about 60% effective in preventing the flu. Most nurses chose their careers several years ago prior to hospitals implementing mass vaccination policies that result in termination if empolyees dont comply. What is worse is when the hospital overrides your personal physicians written recommendation to not receive a vaccination for a medical contraindication and tell you that they assume no risk of you having a side effect to the vaccination.
    Do you have a link to a chart with effectiveness rates?
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    I do believe the word that causes these "problems" are, "Get it or you are fired."

    People can debate the clinical merit of the flu shot forever. The simple excepted fact is that it is not 100% effective. Is it of use--certainly. Should it be mandated for hcw? Oh Hell no. Why not?

    Do you REALLY think that you are protecting your patients by receiving this vaccine? If you do, then does that mean that you were NOT protecting your patients before? Lets see-none of the patients from my past 35 years had gotten influenza from me? Thats to the best of my knowledge. Thats also a lot of patients.
    Before someone says that I could have--lets also recognize the fact that the vaccine doesnt guarantee that you will not expose someone either--so even IF you did get the shot you could have still exposed someone.

    Do you protect your patients according to your best clinical judgement? Of course not. To do that you would have to place a lot of them into an isolation room with a self contained air system and everyone around would be wearing full body suits. Is that impractical for influenza? Of course it is.

    Does not receiving the flu shot mean that you are going to expose your patients to influenza? No it doesnt.

    With this country being in a severe nursing shortage, do you really want to fire seasoned professional nurses because they can't medically receive the vaccine? And dont tell me that wearing a mask is an sound clinical option for everyone. That is so wrong I dont even know where to begin. If masks are to be part of the prevention program then EVERYONE needs to wear them. Bah!

    Risk versus benefit? Dont we do that everyday? This vaccine is no magic bullet so WHY has it been made mandatory Money--plan and simple.

    There is a reason OSHA does not recommend mandatory vaccination.

    Again I agree that this vaccine does have a purpose, it does have a select population that needs it. I also agree that influenza is a significant disease, more so for some than others. But, I obviously don't agree that this so called magic bullet vaccine should be mandatory for everyone. Jeez---really!

    Lets see--maybe hospitals will want to test you for being a MRSA carrier too? And, if you are, then what?
    Or lets see--maybe all patients should receive the shot with no consent?
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    Quote from FlyingScot
    Smug much? This is what grinds my gears. This attitude that those of us who choose to get vaccinated are either too stupid to make an educated decision or so blind that we follow wherever anyone tells us is the right way to go. I get the flu shot because I have severe asthma and the last time I had the flu (I was not vaccinated at the time) it nearly killed me. I will do anything I can to avoid that chance again. Even if it's only 50% successful or 80-90% or whatever each new study says. That for me is a decrease in the risk of my dying so I'll take whatever I can get. Call me uneducated if it makes you feel smarter but at least you won't be calling me dead.
    As far as all vaccines being bad, when was the last time you took care of someone in the US (not a recent immigrant) with smallpox? Furthermore, the reason you can safely leave your kids un-vaccinated is because so many before you didn't.
    Describing everyone who disagrees with you as incapable of having an intelligent conversation is off-putting, untrue and, quite frankly, rude beyond measure.
    I never said anyone who is pro vaccines is incapable of intelligent conversation. I respect and applaud your getting the care you believe is good for you and wish you good health. Asthma is no fun.

    At least you get to choose your care.

    Please realize that those of us who believe otherwise have what we believe are good reasons for our beliefs and are also deserving of respect.
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    Quote from Laidback Al
    To Kooky Korky -

    Thanks for getting your vaccination. You will never know if you have saved one of your patients or co-worker from getting the flu, maybe you even protected yourself.

    I sympathize with long time HCWs that are now required to get the vaccination. We all need to consider that the world is changing around us every day. Expecting the world and your job to stay the same over your whole career is naÔve. Peopleís job descriptions and employer requirements change all the time. Each of us needs to be flexible and change as the world changes around us.

    Young people starting out in the health care profession need to understand that 5-10-15 years down road there may be job or training requirements that will be unpalatable to them in the future. If they are just starting out as a HCW and canít cope with the current job requirements, how will they be flexible enough to cope with changes in the future?

    You, and many other reticent allnurses members, have coped with these new employer requirements by reluctantly getting the vaccination. New HCWs need to learn to be flexible. If they are not willing to adapt now, the best advice they can receive is to search for a different career that allows them more personal freedoms and choices.
    Al, thanks for your thanks. Yes, it's true that everything changes. Life is change. We don't have to like having our personal freedoms taken away, though, do we? And it is especially disturbing to those of us who see our Bill of Rights also eroded.

    It all reminds me of the mark of the Beast, coming all too soon.

    Just for the record, there is evidence that the original polio vaccine that many of us old folks received as children contained as many as 53 contaminants - yes, organisms other than the polio virus. Just google. So I can't help but wonder - what is in these flu shots besides a flu virus? It will be interesting to find out as time goes by and information leaks out.
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    Quote from jadelpn
    I was the first one to "just say no" many many years in a row. I am personally against a great deal of medications for myself and my body. Spent multiple years around a bucket load of kids who were sneezing and coughing all over me. I have the immune system of a tank. I don't like people telling me I "have" to get something (especially the government) so that the benefit is more dollars for the facility. No thank you. Where is the declination form.

    Then I spent one winter (and yes it was the ENTIRE winter) with the flu. For weeks. Thought my end had come. Crying tears between the hacking, nasty undeniable puddles of nastiness. And I can not be clearer--I am no drama queen, and have the attitude of "take a shower, have a cup of tea, and pull your darn self up by the bootstraps and carry on". I had a 3 babies naturally and over 9 pounds each with not a med on board--and it was a walk in the park compared to the winter of my discontent.

    It just takes catching a flu once to realize that the shot, in comparison, far outweighs spending weeks on what I would consider the edge of death. Now I take the shot, pray to the higher power that I NEVER have to go through that again, I take a couple of Tylenol, as a precaution, and would take a benedryl if it made me feel "weird". And it hasn't. And I have been fine and dandy ever winter since.

    Coincidence? Maybe. But even if it has a placebo effect, never you mind, just give it to me. I wouldn't wish the flu on my worst enemy.
    Sorry you were so sick. I have had what I guess was the flu many a time. Every time they release a new flu virus, there's another flu to catch. And I have been down with it at least 4 or 5 times. The worst of it is the muscle aches. One year, I was actually crying, I was so sore. A grown man, crying with the flu. But I'd rather have that than the shot, as I don't know what's in that shot. And I should not have to have put into me anything I choose not to accept. Anyone remember informed consent? Truly informed.

    Yes, to the poster above who wrote of Gardisil - Rick Perry should take it. And all of his womenfolk loved ones.
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    KK, I never said you did but you did imply that we "lack knowledge" and that simply is not true.

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