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How does everyone feel about the latest trends in hospital administration's demands that all nurses must receive the influenza vaccine or wear a mask the entire time they are on duty....including eating lunch!... Read More

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    I would just like to add one more thing. Our school would not let us decline the flu shot because believe me I would have, I tried. I have ALWAYS been against it. BUT they will let us decline the hepatitis B series. Yeah because the flu would be a lot more tragic than hepatitis...smh. Something is wrong here.

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    You are making the assumption that the 80 REPORTED were the only cases...
    Quote from Laidback Al
    If it was bird flu - it wouldn't be a funny story. I hope you understand that the addition vaccination in 2009 was for a novel pH1N1 virus that circulated. It was developed separately from the trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine. Since then pH1N1 had been incorporated in the seasonal vaccine every year.

    I pretty sure your didn't get bird flu (H5N1).

    You ought to be concerned about the "new" bird flu in China. In the past two months more than 80 cases have been reported and 16 have died. That means 1 in 5 infected people are dying.

    So far, the is no sustained transmission between people, but that could change tomorrow. It will take a minimum of seven months to create a vaccine. So you all have time to decide whether or not you would consider taking a H7N9 vaccine.

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