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Would like to know the average starting salary for a brand new dialysis RN with 6 weeks of training only, So. Calif area. I have been an RN for over 10 years with multi-area experience. :rolleyes:... Read More

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    I have worked in dialysis for 15 yr and do enjoy it. Last 4 yr have been traveling. That is the best pay-have made up to 25$ per hr.The reason I left my unit was that I had been there for 10 yr and done everything-acutes,CAPD,charge,ets and was still not above mid-level in pay. Have had my CNN for 6 yr and you don't get paid any more or anything except respect,but I enjoy the respect. Pat-e

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    Just got hired on in a chronic unit in AL, starting pay $16/hr. I know it sounds bad, but when the starting pay at the hospitals is 12-15/hr, doesnt sound that bad. Have 4.5 yrs nursing experience.
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    I am surprised that dialysis pay is so low around the country.It is a specialized area and you need years of experience to supervise in this area.It sounds like you are working under unsafe conditions.People can die there. The hardest part about working in dialysis units is that they are run by techs. If you are supervising,you should not be carrying a patient load as well. In Arizona where I wintered,the techs could not connect a pt to the machine until an RN had doublechecked the dialyzer,prescription,bath and attempted wt loss. Another unit had 2 techs double check before the pt even came in. Generally,however,the techs decide who will run for the full tx time,who will sit where,etc. and the RN is so busy running naround giving iv meds that she is unaware that these deciusions have been made.Lately, I have enjoyed doing acutes. The pt are sicker, but I have more autonomy. Good luck in finding the right job for you.
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    hi to all r.n. i didn't know that dialysis nurses are paid less compared with nurses of other specialties.in my country, philippines they aren't paid that much.it's the same with nurses in the wards, of course depending on the no. of years of experience but the advantage is, you get free training in a big nephro hospital. i'm also new with dialysis department and i enjoyed it very much. the work is routinary but you have to be very careful with the patient's complains, you should be technically skilled with the machine andmost importantly, have universal precautions.

    i like this forum, it's gives me a lot of insight and i can also posts my concerns.thank you!!!
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    I do not work HD but on a renal floor...........from what I hear though a new RN to the dialysis unit would be paid $16.50. Which is almost $2.00 more than what they start a new grad RN out at.
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    I have many years critical care experience and several months ago signed on with a dialysis company per diem with no experience for 20.00 her hour and 22.00 per hour after 5 pm.
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    New hire with a dialysis company here in Oklahoma, to start $15/hr with a raise to follow training. Not too shabby! However, I am a ICU/CCU nurse with 7 years exp. I am not sure if that went into play with my salary consideration or not.

    Now I am just hoping I like this specialty!! Doh! ; )
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    I'm in the 'burbs, south of Chicago & just started in Dialysis this week. I am making $16.00 per hour, while local hospitals are paying new grads 18 -19 per hour.
    The few dollars less per hour is so worth it to me. Lower pt loads, regular hours, Sundays & holidays off.

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    "Franky", humnbird- where the heck have ya beeeen?! This be KT, Katie here, just happened to ck out the stuff on dialysis nsg., as I am thinking about a switch, and found ya here! just wanted to say Hi! (BTW, I had NO idea dialysis nurses made such crummy $. Sounds like many like it though-what to do, what to do... I am havin a wee bit of a job search crisis. Please reply on here, humnbird. I've missed you and your wit. The other site is now requiring registration, which is probably a good thing-less sniping, but less lively, too! You take care!
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    I'm an LVN living in Silicon Valley, Ca (San Jose area) ---with approximately 11 years dialysis experience.

    I've done Burn Unit Acutes - ICU Acutes - CCU Acutes and Chronic Outpatient Clinic and cross trained in CAPD.

    I'm making $23.08 and our union is attempting to negotiate a raise.

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