When to NOT give insulin? - page 3

I need some help understanding insulin therapy. Evidently, I need a lot of help. How do I understand the effect of different types of insulin on blood sugar? And how do meals and meal times relate?... Read More

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    That's why premixed insulins are AWFUL. You can't give the long acting (70) without giving some short acting (30). There's really never a good use for premixed insulins. If he was on NPH and R separately you could have held the R and given just NPH.

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    Also, don't forget to be sure which 70/30 is ordered. There's Novolin 70/30 that has 30% of Regular and Novolog 70/30 that has 30% of rapid acting (5 min) insulin.

    Often if someone is on the border with their blood sugar, I know they're going to be NPO after 00:00, or they have been vomiting, I will hold the night time maintanence dose and spot check them once or twice through the night. I would rather bring down a level than fight to elevate one anytime.

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