Was I wrong to hold Insulin? - page 2

I had a bood sugar check of 75 during the 5:30 check. I was supposed to give 6 units of Novolog and there was no hold order in the MAR. I consulted 2 other Nurses on the floor who agreed the blood... Read More

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    I completely agree you did the right thing by using your judgment. I think its ludicrous for your superior to tell you to give a milkshake while giving her the insulin. this is an elderly woman, her body will metabolize things a little slower and eventually it would have caught up with her in a negative way. You were also very smart to recheck it. After the recheck I would have called the Md and said this am she was 75 I with held her insulin waited and now she is at 133 are you okay with her receiving the 6 units after she ate 1/3 of her breakfast. Especially with the elderly we have to be very cautious to how they respond to meds. Kudos to you!

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