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Hi everyone, I have not been on the site for some time.I have a question on Lantus. When should the Lantus insulin be given if the MD order says twice per day? Should it be give before meals or aftermeals.... Read More

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    When I order it in split doses, I do ACBHS. I normally order it this way only for patients who require >50 units per dose. Our pharmacy gives us a notification that it is better absorbed in doses of 50 units or less, so we split it up. When pts go home and refuse to give themselves 5 injections daily (2 Lantus, 3 meal/correction) then I tell them to pull up their entire dose in one syringe (say, 90 units for example) and then prep 2 spots for injection...give some in one spot and some in another. Of course, we can't do it that way in the hospital, but it aids compliance after pts go home.

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    Thank all for the information all Lantus insulin.This is helping me alot.I have a good understanding of it.Happy Holidays.

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