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Ok so for the yast few months, I was feeling kinda crappy. Light headed, dizzy, But I just thought it was because of lack of sleep, and stress from school. I know I should have known better being a second year BSN. I explained... Read More

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    This is to Neliii:

    Two of our kids have type 1, one dx at age 18 mos and she's now 8yo. The other is our eldest son, who was dx just over a year ago at age 22yo.

    I highly recommend a great website:

    It's full of very good information, research, advice and btdt experience. Their CWD Forums are the best and you can learn a lot from reading there. They have one for adults too.

    One of the reasons it's common to gain weight after a type 1 dx is because once you are getting insulin via injections or pump after your beta cells have quit producing it, your body no longer has to burn fat for fuel. That's a basic way to explain it. Get a good carb counting book, a scale if you want to weigh your food for more accurate carb counts. I think the Calorie King book is a good one.

    I've thought about becoming a CDE eventually, since I have personal experience with 24/7 management of a child with diabetes. I'd have to learn a lot about type 2's and the other aspects, though.

    Good luck to you!

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    Quote from talaxandra

    After looking after several nurses and one doctor who landed on my ward in DKA as their initial T1 presentation I do a BSL every month, and a UA (we are renal, too).

    PS Did I mention my hypochondria?
    With a family history of 4 paternal aunts, 2 brothers, and several cousins who are diabetic (mostly Type 2), I had my MD check my BG at least once a year. We caught it early and I, so far, have not needed medication. I think it's coming, though, because my fastings have been consistently over 100 for a couple of months. In the meantime, I'm working on losing a few pounds

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