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If a patient normally has actrapid and protophane insulin - and her blood sugar levels are often unstable - and her reading is 1.3 mmols, what's the most appropriate response... give the insulin, if so which one or both or don't... Read More

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    First I would treat the low blood sugar, either with a glucose power drink, or hypostop (as per our protacol). and retest in 15 minutes, then give carb snack (normally toast or biscuits)

    then i would want to know what caused the low, firstly if it was off bolus or basal insulin.

    if it was a low from basal and the patient was due to have their lantus/levemir, i would not give the insulin until i had spoken to the doctor and asked them to reduce the dose.

    at 1.3mmol/l, the patient may be unconscious, but may also be unsymptomatic. i am diabetic and once at work i was helping pateint into their chairs ready for breakfast and felt a little low, so i tested my blood sugar and it was 1.2 mmol/l, i downed a can of orange tango (it tasted amazing!) and 5 minutes later carried on with my work.

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