Wilmington MSN program

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    I'm considering the Wilm U MSN program but don't really know anything about the college. must less the program.

    Can any DE residents provide some feedback about either the school or the program?

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    I've done a semester of classes there and I must say that I love it. Being a private school, smaller classes, more interaction with teachers, online hybrid classes, etc, its a well-rounded school to look into.

    Wilmington University Nursing Leadership Executive, Educator, or Legal Nurse Consultant Master of Science About

    Graduate tuition is roughly $414.00/credit hour

    Application Fee $35.00
    Registration Fee (per semester) $25.00
    Late Registration Fee (added to registration fee) $30.00
    Payment Plan Fee $20.00

    How Wilmington stacks up to othe MSN program costs:
    Institution 9 credits In-State 9 credits Out-of-State
    Wilmington University - New Castle $3726.00 $3726.00
    Delaware State University $3928.00 $8280.00
    Drexel University $9535.00 $9535.00
    Goldey-Beacom College $8478.00 $8478.00
    Immaculata University $5580.00 $5580.00
    Neumann University $5679.00 $5679.00
    University of Delaware $13991.00 $13991.00
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    Thanks for the feedback besaangel .

    I'm aware that tuition is reasonable at Wlimington and frankly, that's why I find the school attractive. I got my application and supporting documents in before the 1 April deadline and hope to be accepted into the MSN-FNP program for the Fall.
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    I hope u get in
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    Quote from besaangel
    I hope u get in
    Thanks for the sentiment. I have a good grad school cum (>3.6) and a BSN average near 3.9, but my overall GPA barely makes it to 3.0 because of a poor academic record in my first undergrad degree. I'm optimistic but will just have to wait and see.
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    Hopefully. Are you planning on applying anywhere else as a plan b?

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    Quote from besaangel
    Hopefully. Are you planning on applying anywhere else as a plan b?

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    No plan B - right now, I'm all in on Wilmington. I'll reassess based on the outcome.

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