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  1. 0 Hi! I would just like to share my experience since I was unable to find info with wait time etc for Delaware Technical and Community College.

    Del tech uses a point system. I got accepted with 16 out of total 18 points.

    NLN-- accounted for 6 points. As you know they wanted a minimum overall and verbal score.. Your advisor will be sure to let you know what the current minimums are. Do NOT freak out if you do not meet verbal, I was below and still got a seat but my overall was great! I got 5 out of the total 6 points (math was super basic and easy, I scored 97 percentile. Know your fractions, decimal places etc. science is by chance, cover basic bio and basic anatomy. A lot of questions are from given graphs and charts. The vocabulary section is ridiculous).

    I applied for fall 2013 semester which had an application deadline of February 1st. I was sooooo nervous waiting and finally thought I didn't get in. Apparently it will take over a month to hear if you are accepted. Finally got my acceptance letter this week (allow until mid march before freaking out).
    Good luck guys!
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    Thread moved to Delaware state nursing program forum to elicit further response.
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    I am confused as to why you say out of 18 points. I believe the current ranking system has a possibility of getting more

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