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  1. I just applied to the Delaware Tech RN nursing program for the Stanton campus. I got 19 out of the possible 24 points. Does anyone know the lowest amount of points that has been accepted for clinicals?
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  3. by   jmonaha1
    Hey! Any DTCC pre-nursing students applying this August? How many points do you have on the ranking sheet?
  4. by   jmonaha1
    Hi, I am wondering if you got in with 19 points?
  5. by   Coco97
    Yes I did. I started in January 2011 and graduated December 2012. I take NCLEX next week. Hope you get in!
  6. by   jmonaha1
    That's awesome! Best of luck!!!

    Do you mind me asking what your GPA was when you got accepted? Also, do they just base their decision primarily on the ranking sheet?
  7. by   Coco97
    I think my GPA was around 3.8 or so, but from what I recall they only consider your ranking sheet when making the decision, which includes the NLN. I'm guessing that you are applying this spring? Do you know the number of points you have? When I started clinicals there were many people who had 17 ranking points, but I also hear that the entire makeup of the program is changing in 2014, including admission requirements.
  8. by   besaangel
    It has changed. I will be applying in August for placement in Spring 2014 @ the Stanton campus. Stanton now requires a CNA certification or HLH class to start clinicals. There is also an option to go "accelerated" which would have the program cut down to a year and a half. There are a bunch of other changes too.
  9. by   Cnicho18
    I am having a similar dilemma. Since they've changed the ranking requirements, I'm wondering if 13/16 is good enough to get in..
  10. by   Cnicho18
    I'm guessing since 19/24 was good, 13/16 should be good as well.. I sure hope so!!
  11. by   wala.h
    Hi I'm applying this march, I'm so nervous, as this is my second time trying to apply for the program ��������But for those of you who started can u give me an idea of how your schedules are like? Am I going to have to put my son in daycare full time 5 days a week? Also how hard is it, is it manageable or easy to failing grades :/?
  12. by   besaangel
    WHich campus are you applying to? Pm me
  13. by   wala.h
    The Stanton campus. Sorry but I don't have the option to private message because I didn't post enough posts to be qualified
  14. by   denicu
    I was not able to get your PM until I deleted some old messages. You can now resend the PM. Thanks.