Why are hospitals more interested in taking on new grads in the ICU? - page 2

It seems to me new grads seem to get ICU jobs more and more nowadays. Is it because new grads can be molded a certain way a seasoned nurse cannot be?... Read More

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    I'm getting my masters.I've been a critical care nurse all my career. What is the most lucrative area for a nurse with masters.I was thinking education with an administrative certificate.I'm in virginia don't know if NP is worth it. Appreciate any suggestions.ty

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    Quote from traceydenise
    Hospitals are becoming more interested in hiring new grads in icu's for several reasons. A new grad is not caught up in old beliefs or previous learned practices. They can be molded to the philosophies of the hospital in which they are hired. Bottom line they don't come with bad habits or old baggage

    they also don't know **** about ICU nursing

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