VISIT AN Booth @ AACN -National Teaching Inst. May 1-5, 2011 - Chicago, IL - page 2

Who is going to NTI 2011 in Chicago will have our exhibit booth there again this year, we will be in booth 1606 right next to the big Army Tent. As usual, our booth will have... Read More

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    Cool!! Look forward to meeting you!

    Anyone interested in attending exhibit area for the day, financial strapped and desires a visitors pass, please contact me.
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    Please keep us posted of other conferences in the future !! I will not be able to attend this one (typical broke nursing student) lol. Maybe when I start making the so called "big bucks", i'll be able to buy a plane ticket!
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    Hope to see you some day at future conference

    Future NTIs
    2012: Orlando May 19-24
    2013: Boston May 18-23
    2014: Denver May 17-22
    2015: San Diego May 16-21
    2016: New Orleans May 14-19
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    Definately! Thanks
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    I look forward to seeing you again, Brian -- along with the other AN gang.

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    Clay, great, looking forward to seeing you again as well!
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    What a fantastic experience! Met so many members and so many new members signed up.

    What excitement!

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