random fact throwing: PCCN/CCRN edition - page 2

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I know the random fact throwing thread is very popular on here and I wanted to start a PCCN/CCRN edition to help those who are planning on taking the PCCN/CCRN study :) Hyperacute (tall) T waves that are localized in the... Read More

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    ABG's made easy;
    you can be acidotic w/either too much acid (respiratory) or not enough base (metabolic)
    you can be alkolotic w/either too much base (metabolic) or not enough acid (respiratory)

    if your pH is normal and HcO3 or CO2 is out of wack, it's compensating
    if your pH is out of not normal, you are not compensating; sort of, if it's attempting to correct (as evidenced by movement of HCO3 & CO2 towards normal), it's partially compensated.

    Anyone still studying? I'm testing in May and need LOTS more help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is helpful~!
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    Great thread. I'm about to start studying for the CCRN.
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    I love it!!! Printing this out.
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    Love this thread. Is there a way to print from here?