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hey guys! i am currently going to school for my BSN. i currently work at my local hosptial as a patient transporter i have been at this job for almost 6 months, even though the job pays really good for the job and the hours work... Read More

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    I've been working as an aide in SICU of an urban level 1 trauma center. You will learn SO much! I start nursing school this fall and I feel like I've got such a great foundation. Our responsibilities include: turning, bathing, drawing from art lines or cvp, stocking-fun extras we do: pulling lines, changing dressings, assisting in emergent surgeries, chest compressions, oral care, bowel care, patient/family teaching, pt transfer/discharge. Nurses, residents, attending MD's are all very willing to help teach whatever we want to know! I suggest going for the ICU job!

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