Nurses Who Took CCRN in 2010

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    Sooo, I have a question for you guys. I have been reading multiple forums here about CCRN. Many posts are several years old, and would like some current info. I have Laura Gasparis's 2004 review and the Pass CCRN DVD questions. To those who recently took the exam, are these materials enough to pass? And are the questions at the same difficulty level as the exam? I'm scoring in the low 100s on the CCRN DVD.

    Thank you so much in advance for any advice you share!!
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    Would also like to know!
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    took the old test and used the videos passed it easily....4 of my colleagues took the "new" test and used the videos in addition to the pass the ccrn book....they all passed just fine...they basically said that it was just a matter of an increase or decrease in the amount of questions asked on a certain subject...

    good is a GREAT cert to have....
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    I am in the same boat. I have bought Pass CCRN, Laura's DVD on CCRN and Hemodynamics, AACN CCRN book of questions. I am scoring in the upper 90's on all the practice test that I have taken. I was wondering am I going in the right direction. I take the test at the end of this month.
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    I took the test in Nov. of 2010 after studying Laura's DVDs. I too scored in the low 100s/upper 90s using the pretests on the DVDs. I am happy to say that I passed with flying colors. Oddly enough I did the worst on the ethical warm & fuzzy stuff. She did not review those types of questions and I had a significant amount of those questions.

    It was worth it. I am proud to say I'm now a CCRN certified nurse
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    Those materials are enough to pass. I took the exam middle of march 2011 and scored 87!!!!! The exam site in whiteplains was so noisy and uncondusive for me that I left the site with 1hr and 16minutes remaining to test. I figured just 2 more points to pass so I came home and rescheduled via phone same day;I knew questions i could have changed their answers to pass had I reviewed my questions but I could not concentrate during the test. I took it again first week in april without doing the prudent thing a good student would do like focusing on Cardio and Pulmonary as my score report revealed. This time I scored 88!!!!!! (just 1 point to go)...again the culprits were cardio and pulmo. I thought I may be given the same type of questions I got the first time( I got confusing ones the second time). The testing center in astoria queens was nice though.
    needless to say I appreciate these experiences because they have made me take more time to go indepth in what I am doing wrong. I DO NOT work in an ICU but an acute care setting/telemetry/stepdown unit so I am proud of my efforts. I have to use my imagination to figure out some of the hemodynamic monitoring scenarios being presented..and I have gained a lot of knowledge in the process. I am testing again first week in may and will give an update on the outcome ....THIS IS IT!
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    So I took the exam this past monday.....and I PASSED!!!!!!!! I almost collapsed waiting for the result printout becuase the lady said the machine was "warming up".
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    Where did you get the DVDs? Thanks in advance for your help~
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    My unit educator provided them for us. I'm not sure where she ordered them. You may trying to google for CCRN pre DVDs.
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    Thank you!~

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