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Hello everyone. I was recently offered an ICU position (hopefully it works out. I've been verbally hired before and then later been called back and told that they wanted someone with experience so I don't trust that I have a job... Read More

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    I have precepted a number of new grads in our unit. Successful new grads are the ones that are receptive and eager to learn.
    Also, read/learn about basic ICU topics: vents, abgs, hemodynamic monitoring etc. on your free time.
    i downloaded fast facts by kathy white on my phone for easy access for a lab value/term i do not know.
    Always remember that if you are unsure about something or you don't know something- ASK ASK ASK.
    it is still hard for a new grad to look at the big picture because you will be working on your time management skills.. but remember that knowledge comes with experience as well. so keep on learning along the way. Goodluck!

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